Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 7

Posted by 雯雯 at 9:34 PM
I think I have to reconsider my budget. As it is, I planned on using no more than 250 kr every month but.. it's very difficult to stay under that unless you do virtually nothing all month. Anyway, I'm well into October's 250 now. I'll just have to not spend anything for a while. Yes, it's a deal, from now on I'll say no to all pizzas and trips to the city! The internet will be my witness.

The weather has stabilised somewhat, with clouds and rain and even some wind. I regret not bringing an umbrella, though for the most part I only do need to go from my dorm to the school building, which takes about one minute. I also did bring my "cagoule" which keeps me nice and dry when I remember to wear it.

After one of my dormmates, Red Cross, the northerner who convinced me to bathe on the hike and who is also on the China/martial arts course, gave me some porridge for breakfast since we missed the school one. It didn't taste bad at all, so I might invest in a bag once my budget is back on track. We had a little chat, then she left and I was alone with the guy who is always reading Game of Thrones. Everyone else was sleeping, and Game of Thrones guy had his nose deep in "A Clash of Kings", so I decided to do the mass of dishes that had gathered in the kitchen sink and tidy a bit.

By the time I was done, more people had gotten up, so I decided to be semi-social and do some Chinese in the sitting room where everyone else was. I finished another chapter and am officially halfway through the book. It feels like I'm kind of stuck and not learning more, but I'm sure I am anyway.

At 2, we had dinner, some sort of ham with roast potatoes, veggies and sauce. I thought it was quite all right. I figured that Sunday while people were still eating was a great time to go practise some more piano without people going back and forth in the hall, so I went and started playing. I was alone for a bit, but eventually people started appearing and moving couches and more. I didn't find out until after that they were watching a movie in the school building. If I'd have known, I would've stopped playing so they could watch their movie in peace. It's one thing to distract one person while playing, but an entirely different one to distract a room full of people watching movies on a big screen.

I was going to do some more Chinese when I got back, but Red Cross was going to the gym to do some exercise. Another girl, who has a very sweet and soft voice, was also going. I didn't really feel like going but I figured since our teacher had told us that we needed to train by ourselves as well, take some responsibility, as it is, I might as well tag along as well.

While Cotton with the sweet voice and Red Cross were lifting weights and doing typical gym stuff, I tried doing exercises that I know (because the only gym equipment I know how to use is a treadmill!)
I ended up doing things like jog, sit-ups, push-ups and other exercises for 45 minutes, then 15 minutes of stretching later. I'm determined that I'll be able to do the splits at the end of this year!

I went back to the dorm and had a shower, and then tidied my room. Then, I made tea in one of my new clay tea cups which I drank while finishing my Chinese for the day. When supper was nearing, someone in the house came up with the bright idea to order pizza, and it sounded pretty brilliant considering it's been a hard week and today has been a good and slow day. Thus, my will broke and I pitched in on it as well. We're still waiting for the pizza at this very moment. I hope it'll be worth it. And my budget... Well, I'll do my best to make it work out to less than 250 per month by the end of the year!




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