Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 19

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Well, I did get sick. It grew worse and worse on Wednesday, and by the end of my horse riding lesson I was ready to go lie in bed and not do anything the rest of the day, which is exactly what I did. The next day, I skipped the first lesson so I would have the energy to go to my Chinese lesson after lunch. It was a pretty relaxing lesson. The teacher handed me back and explained to me that I'd passed it with loads to spare. I didn't really feel it was easy, I had to guess a lot, but I suppose educated guesses are good guesses. Thus, my teacher suggested that next time I'll try the HSK 4 instead of the HSK 3 in case that's better for me. I'll have to not only learn the characters and words for 3 now, but for 4 instead. That's at least 600 more words and 400 new characters... Woo! Loads of work to do...

Today in martial arts, each person performed one form (wu bu quan, 五步拳). LH said that if we couldn't do it, we wouldn't get our performance clothes. LH is pretty nice, so she probably would've given it to everybody anyway, but everybody managed more or less. Speaking of martial arts, the China class has a kind of unofficial motto - mabu (马步). It's one of our stances, the horse stance, and it looks something like this:


I'm not sure if you can imagine it, but it's pretty painful to stay there for a long time. Regardless, people started suggesting activities to do in mabu. FT suggests we use one of our stances while massaging so we don't hurt our bags - MABU! Waiting in line for food - MABU! It's come to the point where the mere mention of mabu will cause laughter, and if you yell it out, any China class people who hear it will jump down in mabu with a loud STOMP. It's an inside joke, it's a cheer, a motivational yell, and today in the ball games elective class, Mr. Prepared found out it's good to do volleyball serves in mabu. Seems to distract the opposing team, because they kept returning the balls into the wall. It all ended with the China class people who were there stood in a circle in mabu doing the beat from "We Will Rock You" before floor ball, jumping up and down like that for the two stomps and hitting the end of our floor ball sticks in the ground for the claps. Someone entered the circle and did the vocals, and thus we had an impromptu performance for the rest of the group. My legs are a bit tired, but I guess this is good training for all of us?

For the past week I've been joining someone in my dorm to watch TV series, Hannibal, to be more exact, and occasionally a movie. We finished the first season yesterday, and it's left a hole inside. Everyday when we make our lunch in the morning, we wrap it in Norwegian food paper and write our names on it so we can find it again later. Today, the girl and I decided we'd reference the series we were currently watching with the names we write on our paper. Result:

Delicious bread.

She picked Hannibal, and I'm tempted to give that to her as her code name but I had a thought I should try to avoid it. She's not similar to the fictional character at all. No, I'll call her Doll Girl, since one of her main hobbies is ... ball jointed dolls. They look pretty fancy! So Doll Girl and I finished Hannibal. I'm trying to have her watch Game of Thrones, but for some reason she refuses to. We'll probably end up watching something else instead.

This week is a free weekend, so half the dorm is out. It feels very empty here, but more than that I really really want something to snack on. Biscuits, or crisps, cakes, sweets.. I don't care. Well I don't have money to spend, so I'll just sit dreaming. I'll try to relax this weekend and hopefully get over this sickness!


PS. I got a letter yesterday. Thanks B! I really love getting letters here, so I was very happy to find it in my mail slot!

PPS. I never uploaded pictures from our trip to Bergen last weekend, so I'll give you some here. We were divided into groups and sent around Bergen answering questions like "what are these art galleries called?" and "what do Bergeners call this lake?" In the end, everybody met up in the Aquarium where we had a look at the fish, and penguins.


Just a street

What DOES the fox say?


I love this guy's smile



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