Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 6

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The weather has been difficult all day and not decided whether it wants to rain or be sunny, and as such it'll be pouring down one second then the sky will be blue and cloudless the next. I guess this must be the crazy Bergen weather I've been told about!

On Saturdays, breakfast is later than usual, but the same things are still served. Though my timetable has Saturdays as a free day, I assume it's the day for various happenings. This Saturday, we're doing a "Welcome to school" show. The school has 7 dorms of various sizes. Mine, dorm 2, is one of the bigger ones. Each dorm was told on Monday to prepare a 2-10 minute performance which we'll perform in front of the entire school. All the dorms are keeping their plans secret, so I don't know much about what's going to be performed yet, but from what I heard through the closed doors of the PE hall during rehearsals, there are definitely some music/dancing, as well as skits and other things.

Our dorm decided to do a small collection of skits about people meeting their roommates for the first time. The point was to show how different the things people say and think are, and to show how people may not like eachother at first but will find they have a lot in common after all. I'm doing one of the voiceovers, so I get to stand backstage with a microphone.

We had our rehearsal at 11 AM, which went pretty well. After that, I snuck off to one of the better pianos with sheet music I received from home yesterday to practice for a bit. That particular piano is in the schoolbuilding where the classrooms and offices are. Usually, it's pretty deserted which means I can play uninterrupted without having to worry about disturbing anything. Today, however, because of the rehearsals, there were a lot of people going back and forth from the theatre room where the props and costumes are kept. I decided to just ignore them all and keep on playing, and had fun sitting there for one and a half hours.

By the time I was finished, it was nearly time for a meal. Today, instead of having regular lunch, dinner and supper, we have breakfast, late lunch and late dinner. The late lunch was Norwegian rice pudding, which I haven't had in quite a while. I took a huge portion and added sugar, cinnamon and butter, but forgot that I don't really like rice pudding. I couldn't finish mine :(

A lot of people are out and about, in town, or at other dorms, so dorm 2 is pretty quiet today. After lunch, I decided to do some studying. It made me pretty sleepy, because I practised telling the time and doing the maths in my head for the numbers is difficult enough for me in English, let alone Chinese. Thankfully, because it's Saturday, they served cake and coffee at 4, which woke me up a bit so I could continue.

Later, we had the shellfish meal, crabs and shrimp. I tried both but didn't like them much, and stuck to bread with ham and cheese for the rest of it. The performances were good, and ours went well, and by the time everything was over and we'd cleared out the performance hall (mainly the PE hall) it was already ten. Now usually, I'd go back to the dorm and study or relax until bedtime (eleven), but today a bunch of people from my dorm were going out. I decided to tag along for a change so hopefully my dorm mates would feel more comfortable with me and vice versa, and spent my budgeted amount of pocket money for September all in one go.

My school is pretty far away from any clubs or pubs or those sorts of places, so you have to take the bus in to Bergen - which is what we did. The bus takes about 40 minutes, depending on traffic and how much traffic there is. In Bergen, we were assaulted by sudden rain, and hurried to some club somebody had heard about from someone's friend. Since our school has banned alcohol, more precisely being intoxicated, on school grounds, most people couldn't drink much. I'm not too fond of alcohol, so I mainly sat and tried to speak with people over the loud music, danced a bit or watched peoples' bags on our table.

Because it's been a tiring week for everybody, the group thankfully elected to take the last buss home rather than staying in Bergen until morning. After the people who still had pocket money (i.e. everyone but me) had bought a late night snack, we finally found the bus stop. Eventually the bus arrived. Nobody had really taken this bus before, so we didn't know where to get off. We kept asking and double checking with the driver, so in the end, when our stop did arrive, he announced it on the speakers for us, even if he hadn't announced any of the other stops. By the time I was in bed, it was already 4 am...

I slept very well, but woke up at around 10.30. I could've had more sleep, of course, but I figure it'll be easier for me to readjust to a proper sleeping schedule if I sleep less now and try to go to bed early again tonight. Nothing is happening today, so I'll hopefully just study and relax all day. Hmm maybe I'll watch a movie later...




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