Sunday, August 23, 2009

<3 Hong Kong

Posted by 雯雯 at 5:02 PM
Ya srlsy.

Today has been a super eventful day! All though i didn't take any pictures (cry), it was a great day hihi.

All the students were woken up at around 7-7.15, and we had to pack our shiz. After that, we all got down for breakfast (cereal, salad, ham, funny bread and a fish thing o_o). At 9 and 10, we were meeting our host families (group A at 9, group B at 10, I was group B D;). I was really really nervous, but some of the nice AFS volunteers comforted me and my First Friend (who has been in Norway) was there to help.

My host family is really awesome, and really nice too :3
I managed to fall while we were walking to the car (of course -_-') and I scratched my feet, and they came with tissues and water to clean it, and when we got home, they even found disinfectant and band-aids :o

After unpacking, we all sat down and they gave me some rules and regulations, what to call them, if I could bring friends home and so on. When we were done with that, we all went to eat at a pizza hut, and I was surprised to see how cheap everything was. We live above a shopping mall, so I got to see lots of things. And yeah, Hong Kong is surprisingly cheap ^^;

I know a certain person who would -love- HK burger kings; there was olives on everything ;3
One thing I also noticed was that stuff with "Norwegian Salmon" was popular in restaurants, Norwegian Salmon Pizza, Norwegian Salmon Salad etc. We also went and took my picture (eep!) and cut me a key (yay).

When we were done with pizza, we went back home and I took a sweet nap. It'll be weird going to bed soon without a downy, but I think I'll manage hihi n__n

We still had stuff to do after my nap; we went out again to Tsim Sha Tsui, the famous shopping place. Here we found me a camera, and went to dinner with one of Uncle's business associates. After that we just hung around in the mall.

Okiiiiii, need to go to bed now
-- HMM


Anonymous said...

Olives are great. Salmon is less great.

Miss ya!

Marianne said...

Heei^^ Så bra du skriver her på bloggen, så jeg kan følge med på deg haha =P Koooos deg videre

Gustav said...

Så gøy å høre hvordan du har det i Hong Kong!

Caroline said...

Hehe høres ut som du har det supert HM:)

Have fun^^

Anonymous said...

Fresht at du skriver!!! Hilsen The Coon! ;)


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