Monday, May 24, 2010

I regret nothing!

Posted by 雯雯 at 4:14 PM
... though there are many things I would do differently if faced with this sort of experience again. Instead of beating myself up for the past, however, I'll just drop out some photos. I know my blog is painfully lacking them. Notice how my hair grows!

This one is from one of my first days in Hong Kong, together with my first friend to the right of me, Tracy Vegetable to the far left and my host sister.

Come, come, enjoy a meal at Fatburger! I haven't actually eaten here before, but I think the name is awesome, so I'll pop the picture in here.

This was taken at Disneyland. Notice how my eldest host sister to the left of me is wearing a hat (because she thought her hair was ugly :<)
Do I hear a shadow clone jutsu? (Actually though, this is just the name of the restaurant, no ninja here. Also, this picture is from Macau!)

My host family and I in Macau, waiting to get on the ferry. They ARE pretty awesome..

I took a lot of pictures while in Japan, but this is the only one I'm posting here.

The mandatory picture of me in my school uniform. This is Zoe, btw!

This is what it looks like during lunch.

This is what it looks like during... well I don't know



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