Monday, May 17, 2010

Huzzah Norway!

Posted by 雯雯 at 1:52 PM
Today is the Norwegian National Day! This means that all the Norwegians will be walking along the street (or they'll be standing along it watching the people walking) while eating hot dogs and/or ice cream. Yay Norway!

I, on the other hand, am still in Hong Kong, alive and kicking. I also wasted a perfectly fine holiday (kind of). You see, I got up today at 6.45, prepared for school. I arrive at school, but gosh, there's no one there! I ask the nice teacher who helps me from time to time, and I discover that I have no school until the 24th. Oh joy. Which means that I just wasted three hours of my morning. Not that it matters though, as I wouldn't have gotten up before 9 if left to myself anyway.
If anything, I DID get to line up with the Form 6 classes. I also met two of my classmates, CK and Delphina, on the way back to the MTR, and we had a nice talk while throngs of people passed by. I was the only blonde girl there in a school uniform, so I apparently attracted some stares, whereby I demonstrated to CK and Delphina how people usually react if I stare back. (That is, they look down. I wonder if Chinese people are allergic to eye contact?)

Onwards, I passed the nice day by watching movies and series, playing videogames and piano and eating. Probably what I'll end up doing when summer vacation actually starts >_<



Anonymous said...

Happy 17th May :)
I hope you enjoy your week off by the way !



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