Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fifteen odd facts about Hong Kong

Posted by 雯雯 at 3:00 PM
Warning, generalized opinions are abundant in this post, some facts may be truer than others :>

Hong Kong....
... where pictures of either beautiful, white-skinned, skimpishly clad women or men with white teeth in sharp suits crossing their hands in front of their chest on busses will make your product more desirable
... where umbrellas are put to good use, no matter whether or not it's sunny or rainy
... where giving your child dubious pill supplements will turn him/her into a genius, allowing him/her to ace all subjects in the future without any sort of effort, thereby giving you and your (beautiful) family a happy life
... where hikes are walking on paved roads in the mountains (don't forget
... where all music is either sappy love songs in either Cantonese, Chinese, or in some cases Korean or Japanese, or popular Western music
... where there is, in existence, two drama series per woman, man and child, with the same basic plot of either period drama (the emperor and all his concubines) or a modern one (she loves him, but she's poor, he loves her too, but he's actually banging her evil twin sister, but then someone gets cancer)
... where public toilets use you!
... where you, no matter how skilled or adept you become, will ALWAYS be worth less than your elders
... where failing an exam is sufficient reason to commit suicide
... where Norway is famous for salmon
... where people wear face masks with a slight fever, but where they eat food from the same plate. true story
... where they eat pig intestines, cow stomachs, pig blood, chicken feet, octopus tentacles and "stinky tofu" (tofu that STINKS (Angel: "It's soooooo stinky, but that's why it's also soooooo tasty!"))
... where the biggest part of cardboard recycling is done by old people trying to make some extra bucks for food
... where flower bouquets are extra expressive if they're bigger than the person receiving them (requiring the poor delivery guys to push them around on a trolley-thing)
... where "fall on the floor" is a bad word



Anonymous said...

This amused me :)
Love reading your posts, m'dear !



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