Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's not my fault!

Posted by 雯雯 at 4:22 PM
Well, a lot of stuff has happened. And luckily, it seems not to be my fault. I'm moving out from my host family tomorrow. We have had... disagreements that we have been unable to solve, and so this is for the best. There's only three weeks left, but hopefully I'll have an awesome three weeks!

In school, I have special lessons with the form 4's who're not taking enough IGCSE's. We end every day at 12.50, which is a nice change of pace from 3.30. My classes are English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies. I'm pretty behind in Math, as always, but I consider myself to be on par with the others when it comes to English and Liberal Studies.

My school year formally ends on the 18th of June, which means I will have nine days of vacation in Hong Kong before returning to Norway. I have plans of revisiting the peak, this time with my camera, going to Ocean Park with my current host sisters and friends, and also see Prince of Persia! Of course, this is all if I have enough money. I'll also buy gifts, souvenirs for myself and some iPhone covers for Mom. They're cheap AND stylish!



Anonymous said...

Not your fault! Doing good, baby!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, soon you'll be back i Norge!



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