Monday, March 1, 2010

A prefect's duty

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So, every lunch time, we all go out of our classroom, and mostly go somewhere in Causeway Bay to have lunch in a restaurant. The classroom needs to be locked at this time, and it is either the prefect or monitress who lock it everyday. Now my lunch buddy Clarissa is monitress, and this job fell on her today, as it often does (our poor prefect is busy :<).

Anyways, Clarissa was pushing people out the door like the pack of sheep we are, while I was thinking about the oh so tasty ketchup beef rice I was going to order at a Vietnamese restaurant. Clarissa, a girl called Jane, and Joey, who I often walk back and forth from school with (she also helps me with chemistry <3) went there, had our lovely lunch and returned to school earlier than usual. When we got outside our classroom, however, we notice that everybody's peeking inside the windows. They're pretty small, and high up on the wall (who knows why), and from inside the classroom we see poor Delphina... Our classroom is on the fourth floor, and the door cannot be unlocked from the inside (oO), so Clarissa had locked Delphina inside the entire lunch break. That really made my day, hahahahah... Mostly people who passed by had to laugh at the fact that it happened (how did it happen?), and even the teachers had to smile.

There's also "drama" with our chemistry teacher. Our chemistry teacher is one who spreads fear within the girls of our class. One failed test may lead to a lesson of crying. A girl in my class, however, had taken a picture of the teacher's face and pasted it in the middle of a flower, and he found out. Well, he didn't get angry apparently, only disappointed. Ever since, he has been very dry and meek in chemistry lessons, all though I handed in our assignment a little bit late today, and he was perfectly happy. I actually like our chemistry teacher a lot, but my classmates will say that he's nice to me because I'm the exchange student. It's probably true :z

Other than that, PE is extremely fun here. Kind of. I was very sub-par in Norway, yaknow. I never hit the ball hard enough, I was never good at running. But here, it seems my Norwegian genes do me good. I even got an A in PE last term :o
In any case, we danced Cha Cha Cha in PE today, which was fun heheh... It wasn't quite what I was used to, but hey, I decided that even though I'm not really good, I'd do my best and do what I learnt years ago. This was apparently good enough, inspiring the other girls to yell my name and clap, which was totally embarrasing... Chinese version of dodgeball is fun too. We do the Norwegian one all the time.. in Norway, so I'm used to it, and not to be mean, but truth is Chinese girls just don't throw the balls as hard as Norwegian boys do. I guess they don't have enough practice, MORE DODGEBALL IN HONG KONG SCHOOLS! Anyways, it's fun, because it's easier to dodge the balls here than in Norway.

I'm also having a discussion with Jane. I recently picked up Supernatural, and when she hears that I'm watching it (she's a HUGE fan) the question that immediately comes to her mind is of course "Which do you prefer, Dean or Sam?"
I had to answer truthfully, of course, saying that I think Sam is cooler than Dean (shoot me if you will), and so, now whenever we come over the topic, we have a short argument about which is cooler (she even went around the class today showing girls a picture of both of them, making them choose lol)
Aaaaah, Chinese girls' schools..

That's my little school update for now, stay tuned for more!


Anonymous said...

Uwaeeeh you know every time I read this I feel such envy! Glad to know you are well and to see you online from time to time <3



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