Monday, February 8, 2010

Hong Kong news

Posted by 雯雯 at 2:21 AM
Days pass by slowly here in Hong Kong, and not much has happened since last. Our dancing teams compreted in a competition yesterday, the Western one getting silver and the Oriental becoming champion in their own classes.
I've come down with something I'm not entirely sure what is, allthough my nose is runny, my throat hoarse and it feels like my entire body is made out of jelly.

Today I'd like to blog about a serious topic, all though I am not certain my writing will do it credit... When things go badly here in Hong Kong, it seems the only reasonable way out is jumping down from somewhere tall... You read about the most grotesque variations in the news, and one of my classmates, thoroughly enjoying the expression of shock on my face, told me that a large banging sound like a gun being fired usually means someone has just jumped to their death.

A very horrible, but common variation here is taking your children with you. Only this morning you could read in the paper that a mother had thrown her four-year-old daughter down from the highest floor of a mall, before jumping herself. The reason for this was apparently that her fathered did not wish for their daughter to attend an international school, and so, the mother concluded that since she had no future anyway, the daughter could just die. I don't see anything wrong with the local schools' level of education myself, but hey, I'm not Chinese. The good news (if any) of this story is that the girl survived, being caught in some sort of net, though I daresay she'll be traumatized by the event.

Naye, Hong Kong is a very big place for a Norwegian such as myself, and though I might understand the people and their ways to a certain extent, should I be lucky, I am sure I shall never fully comprehend and agree with them. I surely appreciate many of their customs, but some of their habits are distracting at best, like how everything needs to look perfect (note look). It seems shallow to me, as things are far from perfect, wherever you go. Even so, I've quite enjoyed my months here, and I'm confident that I shall enjoy the last part of my exchange as well...



Ikaros said...

Being exceptionally scared of heights, I'm afraid I could never take up this tradition of jumping from tall buildings. But I'm sure I would like the food in Hong Kong :o)

Anonymous said...

Herro :)



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