Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Language Difficulties

Posted by 雯雯 at 9:37 AM
There are language difficulties abound here in Hong Kong, mostly on my part (though I had a hard time keeping a straight face every time my teacher was talking about "shit errosion" today).

In the same lesson, the girl sitting next to me and behind me got into a discussion into things that were disgusting to drink ("lan yam"), and apparently, that lan is the same lan as the one used when referring to something that is difficult ("hou lan"). I just remembered that I had learnt how to say disgusting ("hou yeung seui"), and I wanted to know if you could use the yeung in that one to modify how good something is to drink.

I ask, of course, whether or not the yeung from yeung seui can be used like lan, to which they both respond by staring wideyed at me. I pause for a second, and try to repeat it. Over and over. They continue staring, and then I say that I mean disgusting, inspiring laughs. Apparently, I had failed big time at the tones, and I had been repeating amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid, over and over ><

Tones make me sad :<


Anonymous said...

Who knows when you will need that word? Any knowledge might be useful. Can you recreate it?

Wu Chia Wen (Hilde Marie) on March 2, 2010 at 3:00 PM said...

lol yeah, if I ever find myself pregnant in Hong Kong while my water breaks, I can say AMNIOTIC FLUID and maybe they'll get my meaning..
I suppose I can recreate it, I just try to say disguisting and then it'll be there :x

Anonymous said...

lool o_O
I wanna learrrrn >:

Caroline said...



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