Friday, September 25, 2009

One foot in the West, one helluva large and possibly swollen foot in the East

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That's it folks, now I've been here in H.K. for a little over a month, and everything and nothing has happened.

Firstly, my school is the best. I attend St. Paul's Convent School, a Catholic girls' school in Causeway Bay. The students are perky and nice, and the teachers are extremely kind too. The lessons are exciting, and whenever I fall asleep in class, it's because I don't sleep enough, or because it's the lesson right after lunch.
According to a classmate, Causeway Bay is one of the most polluted areas in Hong Kong, but that hasn't stopped it from being propped full with small restaurants and eateries. It makes you wonder how they keep from going bankrupt, but go to Causeway Bay a Wednesday afternoon during lunchtime and see how throngs of school children, businessmen and women, and regular people flock EVERY SINGLE EATING PLACE, and you'll understand.

The actual school subjects are rather hard to keep up with, and the workload is so huge that I'm getting more and more sleep-deprived. Unlike Norway, where you usually get a big piece of homework with one week to finish, here in Hong Kong, you get a little homework from every subject, every lesson, and that adds up to quite a bit. The subjects are, as mentioned before, very interesting, though, so I survive, somehow.
I've also errr "joined" some societies at school, mostly to show that I'm involved, or because the people promoting the clubs asked me so nicely. So far, I'm a part of the French Club, and the English Debating Society (oO). I wanted to join the Film Society too, but before I noticed, it was too late. Dawwww.
I've also started Tai Chi in school, as we have a "Diversified Interest Program" every Wednesday, where people pick a cool activity like Tai Chi and learn it. Allthough they call it Tai Chi, it's more like slow dancing with a fan, and I'm really enjoying it.

I would also like to tell you all about my favorite Hong Kong candy, which, for some reason, comes from Japan.
The first one is "Milk Candy", which is basically candy... that tastes like milk. So simple, yet soooooo good!
The second one is Pocky, and well, Pocky is super good. 'Nuff said.

Whatever I do when I don't have homework, aka my spare time, depends. If it's a regular day, I'll hang around the house, watching a movie, surfin the net. If it's a weekend, going to the movies is very great. I've seen more movies since I came to Hong Kong than I did in Norway last year, and there's this new one that just came out that I REALLY wanna see. It's a movie from mainland China, with all the big Chinese stars (allthough I recognize few of them) about the making of the People's Republic of China, one of my favorite parts of history! I would also like to know how the Chinese movie-maker person depicts the characters involved.

I have also started taking piano lessons, and it's a real pleasure every time the teacher comes. My sister and I will also be starting Judo in a little while, and as soon as we do, I'll write a letter to my Judo club back in Norway (as per the request of an extremely nice person who trains there) telling that I'm having fun and that Chinese people are scary.

The Cantonese is going slowly, though I'm picking up new stuff mostly every day. I can even hear the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese now (something that was impossible when I first got here)! Maybe I'll be able to pick up some phrases after all?

That's the update for now, here are some pictures:


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What's the thingy with the strawberries? Looks yummy :3


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