Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Norwegian fails at phones, school and life in general'

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So yeah, I fail. This is at least the keyword for today's blog!

My second day of school today, and it was quite okay. Well, once the school actually started..
The day, you see, started off awesomely bad. My host mother, you see ("Auntie"), comes into our room early in the morning with a worried expression, and asks if I'm not going to school soon. I tell her that it's fine, I'm not starting before 8, so I have put on an alarm that will go off at 6.30. The train ride to the school takes about 45-60 mins, so I need to get up early!
However, her concern worried me a bit, and so I couldn't sleep again. I reach out and grab my cell phone. According to it, the clock was 7.36.... lolwait, 7.36? EEEEEEEEEEK

I hurriedly grab my stuff and school uniform, muttering oh shit oh shit under my breath. My host sister (who doesn't have to get up as early) then tells me that it's not 7.30, it's 6.30.
I then checked my cell phone again, and it read 7.37.... pm.
Apparently, when my alarm went during school assembly yesterday (eep), and I quickly took out the battery to prevent further... alarming, it reset the time on my cell. I'm so glad Auntie came to check if I wasn't going soon lol ><

Okay, so I get dressed at the proper time, get on the train and get there in time. Our school is very cautious with the Swine Flu here, so we have to write down our temperatures and such every day. Before leaving that day, we took my temperature the regular way (hand on the forehead, yaknow). My temperature was nothing out of the ordinary, so I wrote down what I thought was an ordinary temperature on the sheet.
At school, I line up with the other students, but wooops, apparently a temperature of 37.3 up from 36.9 is scary, so I had to go sit in a corner with a face mask while the teachers ran back and forward trying to figure out what to do D;
I missed the assembly, even missed the start of my lesson, but after a few temperature checks, they found out that my temperature was regular.
Quote Hilde "There must be something wrong with the thermometer at home.."

When I finally came into my classroom, I was oddly enough greeted by most of my class with a cheery and most perky hi. The classroom was chaotic as it has been every time I've been there. We had chemistry, math, english (mostly just handed in forms), history, mandarin and french (I got a free period), before I could go home at 12.50. I also had a nice chat with my class' teacher, Miss Lee, about midnight sun and classes.
What surprised me the most during the school day was
1. The girls seemed not to like the chemistry teacher, which I could not understand. He seemed like a very nice guy. Apparently, it's just because it was the first lesson of the year, and my classmates assured me that he'd start yelling at us asking where we left our brains soon. Reminds me of a certain someone who I have very much respect for, so yelling is fine(I think o_O)
2. Hong Kong school is SCARY
Except for the history class (which I thoroughly enjoyed), the level was amazingly high (considering that I'm in school with 14-15-year olds), and most of the teachers even randomly picked students to answer questions or solve stuff in front of everyone. I was sitting "don't pick me, don't pick me" through the entire chemistry and math class D;
I hope I get used to that.

After school, I went to meet my host sisters Angel and Winnie, plus Tracy, for lunch. We were going for Japanese food, so we went into a sushi place (eek).
I ordered a very safe dish of rice and pork, but as that took so long time to prepare, I got to taste the things that the other people ordered, like miso soup, sushi and other weird stuff.

And now I'm at home. I'm pooped. Really pooped. Getting my school uniform off is so nice that I forget to take a picture of it. Every. Single. Day.
You won't believe how hot it is.


Also, best article EVER at Dagbladet (you may need a translator tool):


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'Member picture tomorrow? Right?

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Jeg vil også se bildet!!! Du må huske på det!

Glad for at du koser deg babe!

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