Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Posted by 雯雯 at 9:12 AM
Evening, afternoon, all that shiz.

I'm currently relaxing in the school's library during one of my few free lessons. (My other classmates are currently studying either French or Chinese).
I thought I'd give a small, brief, whatchamacallit on what's going on, 'cause doing that is waaay better than studying here (even though I know I should be doing that)!

I have currently started doing several activities after school. Firstly, piano lessons, of course. I'm a real novice, and I very much enjoy playing anyway! The piano teacher comes to our flat every Saturday, though it sometimes gets postponed due to... stuff.
I'm also joining my school's oriental dance team (making me a member of three different clubs here... hmm, I wonder if I should beg the Japanese club to let me join them too..). Anyways, their practices are on Saturdays as well, though they haven't started yet.
My host sister and I have also made a deal; I attend an activity she wants to do with her, and she comes with me to something I want to do, so in the end, we have settled on oil painting and judo. I personally see that as a great thing, since the oil painting classes on Fridays are great (relaxing music and general environment, nice teachers, you get to sit and paint..), and since I do love judo and now get to do it with someone my age, size and level -w-

In addition to these activities, I also try to keep up with the school work (though it's getting increasingly hard!). The problem subjects, as of yet, are chemistry and Chinese as a second language, chemistry because I'm totally ignorant as to what the hell all those letters mean, and Chinese as a second language... because it's way above my Chinese levels, let's just leave it at that. History, on the other hand, is incredibly fun, biology and math are livable, along with geography. (And who can't love art and P.E.?!?). Credit must also be given to all my teachers, who are wonderful and nice, the whole bunch! School here would be so much less bearable without them!

eeeeek piano lesson today <3
judo tomorrow <3 (also pig dissection and quiz, but that's no fun)
nothing cool on thursday...
come friday and there's oil painting, followed by a weekend filled with homework, dancing, more piano and family activites.

aaaaah busy life, I wonder if I'll get used to it?



Elysia on October 6, 2009 at 12:33 PM said...

Waaah, you ARE super busy
Well done on getting into the supah clubs, I also wanna see your oil paintings o___o ;

Sounds like you're really getting into it all though :33

Also I start Japanese tonight, so... you may get some questions and stuff /peon


Carroooo said...

ahhh jeg vil og gjøre alt det derre , deeer!

Høres bra ut HM :)


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