Friday, October 16, 2009

A Hong Kong weekend!

Posted by 雯雯 at 11:23 AM
Yesssss, yet another Friday has come! I'm looking forward to the weekend as always, and I just got a bunch of sweet language books and dictionaries to keep me busy. HOWEVER!
Those will have to wait. A rule I try to live by here (which I just now broke) is work first, play later. I've found that if I don't at least TRY to follow that rule, I will crash and burn once school comes. As always here in Hong Kong, and something that is different from what I had in Norway, I get a larger amount of homework to do during the weekends than in the week itself.
The homework I know I have to do this weekend is as follows (not counting what I don't know about, but that will come and bite me on my ass on Monday):
English -
* Songs and Poems - L1, L2, L3 5, 7, 5 (God knows what this is, I wrote it down a long time ago)
* An essay about Norway (wheee)
* Upstream Workbook p. 4-9 (my English workbook)
* Webboard responses to presentations (Webboard is a kind of forum our school uses to post homework and such, and we're in a period of presentations in English class now, so the teacher'll post a couple of questions on webboard, and we have to answer!)
* Engbuilder (English builder is basically an internet site where you do small question thingies about an audio clip you hear at the start of the excercise. It takes a long time!)

Biology -
* Answer a couple of quizes on the e-learning platform (basically a site filled with quizes, in this case about stuff in biology. I'm lagging a bit behind here, so I have to do some extra ones)
* Worksheat about the nervous system

History -
* Answer the questions on the sheet of paper about the Hungarian uprising during the Cold War

Mathematics -
* Excercise 3E 17, 19 and 20 (this is HARD STUFF)
* Finish the old exam questions on the worksheet

Chemistry -
* Download and print out the notes for chapter 25 (FINALLY something in chemistry that I know what is, namely organic chemistry! I even got 100% when we had a test about it in Norway too, but I'm sure these Hong Kong people manage to make that incomprehensible before long...)

Religious studies -
* Do the assignments (three questions about ... stuff)

Chinese as a second language -
* Prepare for the oral test (eep)
* Learn the tongue twister (basically saying four, ten and is in different orders, as the three sound much the same)

In addition to this, I really need to pick up my Hong Kong bank card. I also have two dancing lessons tomorrow, and an oil painting class today, plus, Sunday will be the family day!

I also have a box full of weird stuff to send home to Norway (PRESENTS GALORE!), some letters to write, postcards to write and send and probably something else that I've forgotten too...

So my Japanese books will have to wait ;_;

Other than that, I've been pretty tired lately. Stumbling and such. The other day, I stumbled two times in the MTR, and then once again at school. I even lost all my stuff and scabbed my knee. SADPANDA!

I'm also starting to enjoy school. My class is full of really nice girls, and it's so hard, because I want to go to lunch with every single one of them (but NO restaurant or food place has that much room). Lunch is always enjoyable.
I also had a history test today. I failed very badly, I think, probably left out a lot of important stuff, which is sad... I do like history.

Other than that, I'm slowly understanding more and more Cantonese, and well, I've got people all around me who are nice and will teach me. I do have a problem though, and that is that at the moment, I am learning Cantonese, Mandarin AND Japanese. I'm pretty sure I've bit over more than I can chew, especially if you put all this together with the fact that my days are pretty much filled up with school and other extra activities. Phew. I'm pretty sure that I'll be so surprised about how much time I have when I come back to Norway!

The weather here is getting colder too, so I'm enjoying myself more and more. I've even got a downy! It's not a proper downy (and it's still Norwegian summer temperatures here), but it's pretty close.

That's all I can think of for the moment, back to... whatever I was going to do before I started blogging here..



Elysia on October 16, 2009 at 2:31 PM said...

Oh my gawwd that is a hell of a lot of homework. Good luck, and if you need any help with the English or other stuff, bug me o_o tho I'm sure you'll have no trouble with the English har har

I am jealous of you still >:


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