Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 102

Posted by 雯雯 at 5:44 PM
I don't know which day it is anymore. I think it's probably 102, but I'm too lazy to do the proper math. 102 is as good as any number.

I've been very busy recently, with loads of things happening. We've had the test collection for our Charity thing (the money goes to a rehabilitation centre for drug abusing children in Bangalore), so we went into Bergen one day to bother people with collection tins. We've also had a visit from troubled kids where the China class (which very often means me) arranged some activities for them. That was pretty tiring. This week, we've been preparing for the China class' student evening. I decided it'd be fun to do a dance performance, so Bendy Girl, Red Cross and I have been finishing some dresses which Mum had the patience and kindness to make for us the weekend I was home. Tensions ran high as we tried to figure out the sewing machine, but we managed somehow in the end, and we're all very happy with the dresses.

Today, we went out to town to buy some supplies for the evening, that is, me, Sheep, Bendy Girl and Red Cross. I'd barely gotten in the door to the dorm after a tiring day before the people in the living room yell at me "You're the dorm assistant, we don't have toilet paper!"
The weather has been pretty bad today, very windy and raining and/or snowing, but I went out regardless to find the toilet paper.

The storage room is beneath the kitchen. The school was mostly quiet except for two guys playing cards in the TV area. It was dark in the staircase and hall to the storage room, and it felt a bit like I was in a horror movie, what with me walking around the deserted school corridors on my own on a dark, stormy evening. When I reached the door, I realized it was locked. I have no idea who has the key, but I remember there's a storage room in the classroom building as well.

I walk over and look around. I even snoop around the teachers' bathrooms for extra rolls. Nothing.
The teacher on duty isn't in her office and I'm starting to think my dorm mates will have to be creative until tomorrow when I try the door between the two bathrooms on the first floor. There were no toilet rolls for the dorms there, but I did see three massive rolls meant for public toilets. I hid one under my jacket and headed back to the dorm.

Now, I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to be taking stuff from that closet. It's the washing peoples' closet after all. But if they do ask us about the missing roll of toilet paper during tomorrow's morning assembly, I'm sure they'll understand the need.




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