Sunday, February 2, 2014

43 days until China

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By my count, it's about 43 days until I go to China, so I better start blogging again!
The time before Christmas, and after new year, has been very hectic. My laptop stopped working, for one, at least the screen did. I'll do a short recap of the rest of the stuff that happened since my last post:

1. The China Class' Student Evening
I'd like to say it went without a hitch, but true to the China Class' reputation there were loads of bumps and plenty of improvisation. Regardless, the entire class had a good time, so I think it went well anyway. The food was pretty good too, and the PE hall looked very nice. I made some pretend-serious calligraphy wall scrolls with my sub-par handwriting with inscriptions like "Fried Rice" and "A Deep Sentence". I brought "Fried Rice" to my room  after we were done to fill up my wall a bit, it looks good, right?

Fried Rice. I personally prefer noodles!
Other things that happened during the student evening: a delayed start, a sprained ankle, a broadsword flying into the audience, nobody singing along to the sing-along, Red Cross stumbling on her dress during the dance, and us making FT (teacher) wear a Eeyore costume in a game of "Pin the Tail on FT". A good evening, all in all!

2. The actual collection of money for the charity action
The entire school was shipped into Bergen and surrounding areas to ask for money. Because of our obvious charms (cough), the China girls were placed in the best and most crowded area and subsequently collected the most money, winning free cinema tickets. Other people did not have as much luck, with one person from my dorm even being threatened with police since he didn't have an ID card. I can't remember how much we collected, but it wasn't bad at all.

3. Christmas choir performance
Every year, my school has a choir performance. It isn't always pretty, but I had a good time trying to sing with the others. Not everybody is as enthusiastic as me, but we still got through it, and I had a good evening. I went out with Mr. Prepared, Strong Handshake and Sheep for supper. We had some fine Norwegian fast food cuisine, mainly kebabs. It was a good day!

4. Christmas break
I went home for a few days before I left with Mum, Step Dad and Brother to America to visit friends. The entire America trip consisted of eating, shopping and looking at old presidents' houses. I stretched every day due to an agreement with Sheep - whoever misses the most days owed the other a meal (I won hohoho). I returned home Monday evening and got ready for a new semester.

Now, my days are back to the same old routine. My Wednesday elective has changed from guitar to musical (we're making one), and my Friday one from the charity action to tai chi. In taolu classes, we have finished learning a fist form, and have started with a staff form instead. Strong Handshake is pleased beyond measure. I enjoy it too, but quite a few others are not so happy with it after hitting themselves with their staves one time too many. I'm learning to take it easy in sanda too, though I have the most fun when we're just practising take downs and I get to do it with someone my own size. Coming up is the school project, where the entire school participates in arranging a musical (separate from my elective). Auditions for singing/speaking roles are this Wednesday, but I'm signing up for the band. I even brought my tiny pocket trumpet for this purpose. I hope I get in!

Right now, I'm preparing for a presentation. We're getting ready for our China trip, and have started learning about the places we are going to. I'm presenting Zhengzhou, but sadly, very little has happened in Zhengzhou city to tell of. That'll make my presentation all the more exciting, I'm sure. Well, I better get back to that!




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