Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 85

Posted by 雯雯 at 10:19 PM
Nothing much is happening here at school, but I figured I'd do a little update regardless.

We're back to regular schedules again, which means only 3 periods of exercise/training a week.The winter is also getting closer, so the nights are longer. It's pretty dark when I wake up, and darkens early in the evening. Life has been revolving around studying Chinese, exercising, playing video games and watching movies. To boost my speaking ability, I'm trying my best to respond to LH when she asks me something, as well as talking to my friend in Hong Kong via the internet once a week. It seems to be helping, as the words are easier to find and say than they were two weeks ago.

Perhaps because I'm suddenly exercising less again, I've been feeling very low on energy lately. Last week, I didn't manage to do any extracurricular exercise at all, and it made me feel very bad. Thus, I decided I'd make a change today. After finishing the morning and afternoon classes (sanda and Chinese culture, we're decorating porcelain), I joined the football P.E. group for 45 minutes, then joined the floorball group for another 45 minutes straight after. I then did some weapons practice. After a shower and supper, I helped Bendy Girl with Chinese, then returned to my room to do 20 minutes of stretching. Now I'm all done and pretty tired, but luckily I can sleep soon!

Also, I've managed to upload some pictures of my postcard wall. I do receive some postcards, and I appreciate it a lot. I hang them up on my wall over my desk where I'll see them every day, and feel happy. I've got stamps to send some cards back to return the favour, but sadly I live in the middle of nowhere and have been unable to find any actual postcards. I'll probably be able to find some the next time I'm going into Bergen though, so then I'll be mailing some out!

My postcard wall

Closeup of the cards!




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