Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 65

Posted by 雯雯 at 10:13 PM
The internet has been pretty bad lately, so I've been waiting with posting in hopes that it'd get better, but no luck. Thus, I'll just post now, using my phone as a router, though it is pretty bad as well.

I've gotten a new roommate since last. Red Cross needed to switch rooms, and though I've said I preferred a single room on my application, I've valiantly offered to be her roommate for the rest of the year. It's not really much of a loss for me. I'll pay about 1000 NOK less every month, and she probably spent more time in my room than in hers before (apart from sleeping and changing), so it's all good for me really. The only negative is I suddenly have less space, but I didn't use that much to begin with so I'm happy with this arrangement.

The course weeks continue, and last week was super fun. We got to try quite a few weapons, a double-edged sword (jian) for taichi, nunchuks for sanda and a staff for taolu. Personally I don't like nunchuks much, they're very.. all over the place. I've always liked swords, but the movements we're learning in taichi are mostly pretty and slow, but not so impressive when I do it. The staff is pretty cool though! Strong Handshake and Mr Prepare have "been running around with the woods with sticks since they were kids" so they're pretty good at staffs already, but I try to practise extra with the staff (also the other weapons) so I can handle them well too.

In the meantime, Red Cross fell for the nunchuks at first whirl and decided she was going to become the Nunchuk Queen (new nickname??), so she's been practising a lot. She's getting pretty good too! E managed to sprain his leg pretty bad and was out of commission for most of last week and decided that nunchuks were awesome too. He's been practising like crazy, and at breakfast one day, upon hearing Red Cross was going to be the Nunchuk Queen, decided he was going to be the Nunchuk Emperor. Of course, Red Cross wouldn't be beaten and decided that she'd be the Nunchuk Pharaoh instead ("since Pharaohs are obviously more awesome than Emperors"). They've got this little nunchuk rivalry going on now, which I'm happy not to take any part in.

We finished our presentations successfully last week, and this week we started the next culture part of our course week - tea and philosophy. This means sitting in pairs of two on blankets in the classroom with special equipment, learning to prepare tea a fancy Chinese way while we talk about Buddhism and Daoism and so on. It's very relaxing and good, apart from the fact that my legs keep falling asleep, and we've all gotten to taste some of FT's awesome Chinese tea.

Completely unrelated to my course, it is a fact that Game of Thrones often has a hard time getting up in the morning. If you miss the morning meeting you get loads of absence noted down, which is bad, but it's his responsibility so I usually don't mind it. Doll Girl, however, does get up and we usually go to breakfast together. It so happened that this Monday, the entire art class (Doll Girl and Game of Thrones included) we're going on an overnight field trip, so they needed to get up early to prepare mattresses and such. Doll Girl felt responsible and decided it was her job to make sure all the art class people in our dorm were up and ready. Since I was with her, I decided to help. Game of Thrones likes Game of Thrones. I also like Game of Thrones. Doll Girl has seen some, and so we're making her like it as well. We have a small game going (kind of a role play, I guess?) related to this, where we've got our own House with a banner and everything. I'm a Knight, Doll Girl is the resident Scholar-type ("Maester") in our castle and Game of Thrones is the Lord. Sometimes we sit and chat in our roles in English and, for some reason, Doll Girl and I decided that we should wake him up "In character". Thus, I started banging at his door quite loudly going "MILORD! MILORD!", yelling about our castle being under siege and that he needed to wake up fast. I stood there for quite a long time actually, and attracted a small audience, including E. Eventually I realized his door was unlocked, and so Doll Girl and I opened it softly, asking "Milord, are you awake?", to which he quite grouchily answered "Get out!".

Usually that'd end there, but it turns out that I hadn't only woken up Game of Thrones, I had woken up everybody still sleeping as well, including the theatre people who get to sleep in because of evening performances. They had apparently been quite scared, shocked then somewhat annoyed and told E about it, so he told me during dinner later. Of course I apologized to them (though, to be fair, it was already 8 am!), but now I randomly have Mr Prepared and E yelling "Milord, Milord!" after me. Well I don't mind, I think it's funny actually. The more playing along, the merrier!




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