Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 50

Posted by 雯雯 at 9:44 PM
Wow it's been a while since my last post.. already 18 days! Since the last time, I've continued as usual, and also gone home for a week's holiday. It was really nice to go home for a bit and just eat loads of food and relax. I tried to exercise too, but in the end found I had pains in my legs and knee that didn't go away, so I relaxed completely on Saturday and Sunday before I left.

I'm not too fond of travelling, well the actual travelling part of it. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. It didn't help that when I arrived at the airport with my parents, the airline had overbooked my flight and suddenly told me I might not be able to go. I stood by the boarding queue until all the normally boarded people had been registered, and then checked to see if I could go or not. Luckily, they did have room for me. I even almost got to sit in the cockpit!

The bus ride to the school was more tiring. I waited for a while because I met Very Bendy at the airport, and she was waiting for someone to arrive on a slightly later flight. In the end, we were 10 people or so from the school crowding up a bus, first to Bergen, and then onwards to Hylkje. The school was pretty quiet by the time I got in, but that was all right, since I was pretty tired at that point. When I got in, only Game of Thrones, Doll Girl and Mr. Prepared were there and still awake. We all hugged and laughed and said hello - it seems most people have been really missing the atmosphere here at school, which I can understand.

After packing out, I went to bed and had a terrible night's sleep. I kept waking up for some reason, and woke up feeling completely unrefreshed. Still, I dragged myself to breakfast. The first lesson was sanda, and it was fun. Well, fun I say. We did some light kicking and punching practise, and some wrestling, and I am really bad at restraining myself. One of my classmates who grew up on a farm and knows all sorts of cool stuff about catching sheep and other farm stuff said jokingly said he wanted to hit me, so we paired up for the activities. He was much kinder to me than I was to him, he's probably used to it since I'm a girl or whatever. I ended up kicking him full of bruises and hurting his knee, as well as strangling him into submission during the wrestling. I was so ashamed afterwards. I spoke with Red Cross about it after, and she suggested I think more about the technique the next time so I don't get carried away. Hopefully I'll be able to be a better sparring partner in the future.

The school has a yearly "Stoltzen race". This is the mountain I climbed in my first week here. What happens in it is pretty self-explanatory, and whoever wants to can join. They'll get driven up to the Stoltzen for practise, and because I absolutely hated it the first time and hate being tired, I naturally signed up. I'm hoping the training will improve my shape a bit, because I'm always wheezing after warm-ups. I always thought that you should only be warm after warm-ups, and not wheezing. In any case, I don't want to run up Stoltzen like some crazies, so I'm for now just trying to walk up without taking any breaks. Red Cross also decided to join my walking, and, in fact, many China class students did as well, including Mr. Prepared, E and Strong Handshake. Mr. Prepared and E had done Stoltzen before in the first week, so they sped up, while Strong Handshake had come late and so missed it. He went up with Red Cross and me at our pace today, and it was pretty tiring but quite all right.

Now I'm pretty tired after all the exercise, and I'm pretty ready for bed. Good night!




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