Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 59

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Hello again!

Time sure flies when you're having fun~ I'd like to skip straight to talking about this week, but I should talk about the weekend too...

Last Saturday, we had a seminar arranged by the equestrian class. That meant that we listened to three hours of talk about stables and racing and horses in general, and watched loads of Youtube clips. Apparently the equestrian class is sick of people saying that riding a horse is easy and not a sport, so we had to sit through two very similar ones that reprimanded us all for looking down on them. I felt somewhat insulted since I've never tried to tell them that riding a horse isn't difficult or tiring, but I'm sure it wasn't really a personal attack on any of the students. We're all nice, I think!

After the presentations, we all went to the racecourse. There were ten races set up for the day and we were to watch them all. To make us feel more involved, the horse class had taken the programme and cut out the horse information for all the races and given every person in school a horse or two. If your horse won a race, you won a secret prize which you'd get at supper later! It did work, somewhat. I got a horse called "The Sheik's Gold", and it was, as far as I could tell, the only horse owned by a Sheik from Dubai that had entered that day. I took it as a good sign and sat in the cold to watch.

As it turns out, it was a good sign, and my horse did win. As a prize, I got a large bar of chocolate, which I was going to eat later that evening. The evening before, we had started watching the X-men movies, since Doll Girl and Game of Thrones were feeling keen on an X-men marathon. Doll Girl had bought a nice fancy screen that she and Game of Thrones use for playing the Playstation, so we used that to watch movies on Friday. On Saturday, however, one of our other dorm mates (my neighbour, in fact) had fixed us up with a projector, so we watched two more X-men movies on the wall of the living room, this time joined by even more people. I shared my chocolate, and we all had a good time.

This movie watching continued, with a progressively better canvas for the projector, and more and more people coming to watch it. On Monday, we had the living room full of people as we watched Les Miserables. It's nice to have a proper place to watch movies in the dorm!

This week, then, is special. Usually, my week is filled with course subjects (i.e. China or martial arts subjects), plus electives and some common courses. This week, however, is the "Course Week", which means that, apart from PE, all my non-China subjects are changed out with course subjects. Thus, every day this week, we have one two-hour period of history, then one two-hour period of martial arts. It's very tiring, but very fun!

The history is basically the entire class working in groups of one to three on one Chinese history topic. I'm working together with Very Bendy and Red Cross, and we've chosen the Tang Dynasty. So far, us working is basically just us sitting in Very Bendy's dormitory listening to relaxing music and reading, but we'll get to making the actual presentation tomorrow. After that, since FT likes non-technological, more classical things in a presentation, like a poster, we're going to make one of those. With glitter. Very Bendy was very keen on glitter, and luckily for her, FT had some in his office (??). We'll make an absolutely fabulous poster!

Now, I should probably stop writing. We agreed to have written the main points for our parts of the presentation by tomorrow, and I'm running out of time, since I'm probably watching a Chinese series with Strong Handshake, maybe also Sheep and Mr. Prepared. No time!




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