Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 4

Posted by 雯雯 at 2:11 PM
Things are slowly falling into place here. The teachers and stuff are running out of information to feed us with, thankfully. Today we received information about our elective subjects, which we also picked later.

In the school, the main lessons we have are related to our main chosen course, so Chinese lessons and training for me, music-y lessons for the music people and so on. In addition to those we have some lessons that are the same for the entire school; one session of PE, a discussion period for current events, a short culture lesson and one hour of the entire school singing together every wednesday. In addition to that then, we have our electives, minimum one lesson a week, maximum.. four I guess? The school offers a range of alternatives which change once in a while. To make it easier on the teachers, today we put up our preferences, but also backup choices on a piece of paper.

I signed up for, on Wednesdays, guitar lessons (1), the show/revue group (2) or archery (3). Archery might've been further up if I didn't have to pay extra for it. On Fridays, the choice was slimmer, but I signed up for ball games (1) or drawing and painting (2). I also signed up for horse riding lessons. We'll see which ones I end up with!

We also started lightly with Chinese lessons today. The first part of the lesson was spent running around the school grounds doing a quiz about the class (which two students should you go to for first aid? this man has a kingly viking name, who is it?). The questions were spread around the school in sometimes awkard places, like under a table outside, on the back of a parked caravan, behind a sign and so on. After that was done, we got our textbooks and started learning, practising on each other going "how are you?" "I'm super good".

As I sat having dinner later (fish and potatoes), it hit me that when you learn a language, you mostly start with positive, kind expressions and don't learn more negative ones until later. Sure, we can say we're super good, but what if we feel absolutely horrible? Dinner was good, but what if it wasn't and I wanted to describe it to someone who wouldn't feel offended by it? I guess they don't really expect you to have very deep (or honest) conversations until you're further along with your studies.

The internet at my dorm is a bit unstable, so I find myself without internet quite often. In a way it's a good thing, because it means internet troglodytes like myself are forced to get out and do different things, talk to people. I guess that should have been the case today, and in a way it was, because I ended up playing some strategy game with relative strangers before supper. I gave in after supper though, and after a short session of playing the piano I returned to my room and studied and revised while people were playing games and watching movies elsewhere. I don't mind though, I had a great time. There's nothing more exciting than new textbooks and new things to write in, especially when the topic of the book is interesting to you!



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