Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 3 - Going for a hike

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Today we went for a hike. Normally, I'd take the least tiring and most scenic route, but my class is kind of the "athletic class" of the school somehow, so I feel I have an image to keep up. Actually I think the horse riding class is probably fit too, but for some reason many people seem to not think riding a horse is tiring. I'm pretty sure it is. Anyway, having to keep up my image, I chose to try out the toughest hike. It was a pretty steep staircase, apparently climbing 300-something meters up to a spot with a pretty view. By the end of it I was ... very tired. Embarrassingly so. I don't think anyone was fooled into thinking I'm in good shape, but at least I made it to the top and took some pictures.

View of Bergen from the top of the steep steep staircase

Continuing along a path we reached a lake where we were supposed to have lunch. I just had a banana before I was talked into taking a dip in the water. I hadn't really planned on swimming, but someone from my class was well prepared and at least had towels to spare. I waded out, slowly at first, but then jumped in after the others had done it (such a wimp). Personally, I thought the water was really really cold, but the northerner who had convinced me to do this and has a proclivity for ice bathing assured me it was pretty hot. Brr.

The totally not cold lake

By the time we were done swimming about, the rest of the steep hike group had split up into the people taking the long hike to the next top, or the ones taking the quick route down to the tram. Remaining was us four ice bathers and Mr. Prepared, who didn't jump in but lent us towels. We had planned on going to the next top, but everyone going had already left. Luckily our teacher was still around, and walked with us up. Though it wasn't as steep as the staircase, it was steep enough for me to be wheezing by the end of it.

Further up the mountain

At the top, I finished my lunch and sat around for a bit until we were continuing down. In contrast to the mountain path on the way up, the way down was a wide gravel road which Miss Northerner and I walked down together. Well, we started off walking, but when we realized Mr. Prepared and the two others were taking shortcuts and getting ahead of us, we started jogging down instead. Sometimes we slowed down to a walk if the road levelled out or if we needed to figure out the way, but mostly we just let gravity take us quickly down the windy path down the mountain. Eventually we did reach the bus stop, and didn't really feel how tired we were until we were sitting down and on our way home.



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