Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 1

Posted by 雯雯 at 5:26 PM
I was sensible and went to breakfast early at 7.45. Then I was rather insensible, and had too much for breakfast and packed too much for lunch. The day started off properly after breakfast with an information thing in the auditorium. There was so much information, everything from when things happened to fire drills and our timetable. It looks pretty good, everybody has to do PE and there is plenty of time allotted for our actual course lessons.

The information continued with short breaks for 2 and a half hours, when we had lunch. I ended up chatting with a girl who's attending the Latin-America course, and after lunch I hitched a ride with her to the "nearby" shop, which isn't really THAT close and you have to go up loads of hills to reach it. I bought some bananas and carrots for snacks in the evening, and also washing powder (since I forgot to get it before). By the time we got back, lunch was nearly over.

At 12.15, we all met in the auditorium again. This time, the teacher for each of the courses fetched their 10-20 students and went to their respective classrooms. The music group went, the writing group went, the theatre group went, the art group went, the horse riding group went, the Latin America group went and mine went - all our separate ways.

When we arrived in the classrooms, more information awaited us, though this was course-specific and far more interesting. We introduced ourselves (something we've been doing a lot here). Though most classes here has a majority of girls, my class (China and martial arts) has something like 11 guys and 3 girls. One of the girls lives in my dorm, so remembering her name is easy, though I'm having a hard time with the others.. After hearing about our course and the structure, we received a tour of the school building(s). As we walked around, I made a mental note of all the pianos here (9 in total apparently) so I can find the most hidden and remote one to play once in a while. Though the pianos are all free to play by whomever, I don't want to bother anyone with it -w-

For dinner that day we had some sort of fish with potatoes, salad and sauce. I'm not too fond of fish, but this was nice, even if I found bones in my otherwise boneless fillet.

Thinking maybe I'd get a little time to relax, I went to my room after dinner, though not fast enough. At 15.15, two teachers came to talk to our dorm and give us, yes, more information. But before they could do that, we needed to introduce ourselves.

Apparently, we have to make a small skit or performance for Saturday - every dorm does. We decided on some sketch with stereotypes - geeks, blondes, creeps etc... I'm not entirely sure what I ended up doing, because people were talking very quickly and I didn't really mind doing anything, but I'm sure it will be fun :P

Well that's that... I should take more pictures. Right now, most of my dorm is out doing something - testing out the gym, going to the shop. I'm thinking I'll search for a piano somewhere to use before they decide to shut everything down. Toodles!



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