Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time flies ;o

Posted by 雯雯 at 2:27 PM
It's been a while since the last time I posted anything here, and it's also rather weird to think that I've already been here for over six months, and that I have less than three months to go. It doesn't exactly feel like I've been here for a shorter period time, or for a longer period or time. It simply feels like I've fallen out of time, and that like I'm living someone else's life all together.

All though my Chinese is not at all as good as it should be, I din't feel like the time I've spent here has been a waste... somehow. I've gotten to see and experience many things that I would've had no chance to do in Norway, and there's something else too, that I can't put my finger on, that makes it feel like it's all been worth it.

This will be disappointing to my mother, but I really feel like I will want to go back to Asia later, at some point, to learn more. I might need some time in Norway first though, to flush the oil and McDonalds out of my system. But I definitely want to return here, after seeing Hong Kong, Taiwan, and parts of China and Japan. I want to learn more languages, and I want to communicate more with the people.

Heh, I'm writing as if I'm leaving now, which is not true. I returned from China yesterday (it was an awesome trip, I really felt like a celebrity too, at the schools we visited. People wanted to take pictures with me, with all of us, in fact. Come come, take pictures with the freaks from the west!), and I will have one agonizing month of tests and large amounts of homework before exams start. And exams are a good thing for me, since I'm not taking them. I'll have lots of time to practice my Cantonese! After that, nothing will happen in school, and I will return home around the 29th of June. All though I love it here in many ways, I am looking forward to going home and just relaxing with my glass with tap water.



Heidi on April 11, 2010 at 6:48 PM said...

Er enig med deg! Det er et eller annet som jeg ikke kan sette fingeren på som får det til å virke veldig verdt det - selv om det ikke har blitt som jeg forventa. :)

Anonymous said...

No, been there, done that, not doing it again!


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