Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still alive!

Posted by 雯雯 at 4:09 PM
Yeah, I'm still alive and kicking. School has just started, and Christmas vacation was very interesting and fun, but way to short! In any case, I'm back in my school uniform, and had some giggles today, as it was cold today (Hong Kong standards, that is), and you could hear lots of "hou dung a"'s in the hall, to which I would usually reply "m dung a, hou yi a!" like the true butcher of languages I am. If I translate this directly, it looks like Tarzan language (hou dung a - very cold a, m dung a, hou yi a - not cold a, very hot a). Yes. I abuse the a. Just be ready for my new Norwegian, I'll add a's and la's and ga's after everything then too :p

Cantonese is fun, and I've been trying to learn more lately. It feels like it's helping, all though slowly. One of my awesome classmates just moved to one of the buildings next to me, and I've convinced her to help me learn more while we're taking the train to school. As of yet, it's mostly her finding random stuff to talk about, and I'll either answer or go ".... hai me a?" (is what a?). But it's a start!

I also have sports day tomorrow. Hong Kong schools are all about showing school spirit and being a pride of your school. The form 1's also have to cheer, apparently a school tradition, for the house they belong to. There are five houses with random names of famous people in my school, and everybody belongs to one. The form 1's (often referred to as poor form 1's) have to cheer on sports day and various other events as well, and I'm going to watch and giggle tomorrow (form 1A happens to be my art and Putonghua/Mandarin class). The good thing about sports day, from the perspective of a lazy person, sports day is a good day to rest, AND the day after sports day is a holiday, which means more sleep for me!

I should probably put in more culture notes... or whatever. Well, do that later, I'm tired and such.




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