Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hong Kong attitudes in homework

Posted by 雯雯 at 12:33 PM
Yet another Saturday is here, so yet again, I sit with homework. Something I find very interesting is how much the homework you get says about attitudes in Hong Kong. Below you will find a list of questions I found in my homework that really says something about what's cool and what's not.

Question 6 : If my father ___ the Asian economic crisis, he ___ so much money on the stock market.

A. had foreseen/did not lost
B. foresaw/have not lost
C. foresaw/ would not lose
D. had foreseen/would not have lost

Question 5 : If I ___ the answer, I ___ in the examination.

A. have known/would not have failed
B. know/have not failed
C. had known/would not have failed
D. had known/have not failed

Question 1 : If I___ turn back time, I ___ more studying.

A. can...will do
B. can ...will be doing
C. could...would do
D. could...will do

Question 5 : I ___ smoking if I ___ him.

A. will stop...was
B. would stop...were
C. will stop...were
D. would

Question 5 : We ___ the examination room unless the teachers ___ us to do so.

A. shall not leave...allow
B. shall not leave...allowed
C. should not leave...allowed
D. leave...allowed

Question 6 : If we ___ our homework a little sooner, we ___ earlier.

A. started...will finish
B. had started...would have finished
C. started...would have finished
D. started...will have finished

...and now, for something completely different:

Question 8 : I ___ the police, if I ___ a rapist.

A. would call/meet
B. called/met
C. would call/met
D. would call/would meet



Hans Christian on January 11, 2010 at 11:23 AM said...

Haha! Awesome ^^, I wish my homework was like this.. Allthough "If I___ turn back time, I ___ more studying." has no right answers, did u notice? I think the answer, with a Norwegian study attitude would be "could/would probably not do" ;)

"I ___ the police, if I ___ a rapist." HAHAHA ^^, All boys are bad, and all boys are rapists ;)



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