Saturday, November 7, 2009

Living the slow life in Hong Kong

Posted by 雯雯 at 1:08 PM
For the first time since I came here, life is slow, and I'm loving it. The previous week has been pretty void of homework (of course, there has been some, but not as much as the weeks before that), and the same can be said for this weekend. I only have to finish my RS assessment and I'm free.

It's as quiet as Hong Kong can ever be, I can smell what seems to be smoke from a fire (I know it to be fire from a grill though), I'm relaxed. I'm 100% relaxed.
All though in Norway I would've considered doing homework on a Saturday evening pretty lame, I wouldn't live without it here. The question is; what do I do with my extra time?

I have a feeling that I should be doing something Hong Kong-cultureish or that I should be practicing Cantonese. Do I practice enough Cantonese? No, I don't, but at least I can understand a little. A little. I can catch the numbers and some simple adjectives, I know it when people are talking about a handsome guy, I can recognize it when somebody speaks of foreigners... I NEED TO LEARN MORE! Ah! I know! I'll take out my Mandarin book.. and then have my host sister or someone teach me the Cantonese equivalent of this! I have a feeling that my Mandarin is more structured than my Cantonese anyway. Yes yes, I'll do that.

And about Hong Kong culture... I live and breathe it every day, because the culture of a busy student such as my peers does revolve around school and homework, and being busy with extracurricular activities. Hopefully it will be enough, and hopefully I will learn much much more!

Aaaaaah I'm so relaxed. Ah, here's a picture of my relaxing view of Hong Kong. <3 falling asleep while watching this!

Well, I guess I won't be able to live slow now, even though I have the opportunity. But I'm only gonna be here for a little while, so I should take advantage of this chance!

Tankefulle HMM



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